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Friday, November 18, 2016
Letter from the International President
To All Moose Legion Jurisdictions,

As Moose Legion Directors, you are the leaders of your respective jurisdictions and the
influence that you possess is to the survival of our Moose Legion. Knowing that your dedication
has led to your current position as a Director, I am asking for your help.

We have taken on the project to raise funds for the Moosehaven Centennial Project
whereby $10 million dollars will be raised to provide a new congregate residence facility for our
Moosehaven residents. Many of our Moose Legion jurisdictions have already participated and
funds continue to be sent to Moose Charities for this project designated for the "M L Centennial

As President of the International Moose Legion Council, I hope to raise $30,000 for the
three-pronged endeavor to provide another 9 passenger transportation cart, a recumbent
therapy bicycle and a new gazebo for the Katherine Smith residence at Moosehaven. I know
this is a considerable amount of money, but having been associated with many of you I know it
is possible. All contributions are to go to Moose Charities earmarked "M L President's Project".

With the Moose Legion being original sponsors of the project for purchasing and the
development of a 65 acre retirement community in Florida, our Moose Legionnaires have a long
and proud history of continually answering the call to support the many projects supporting
both Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Ideally, we will all participate in both the Centennial Project
and the President's Project to make life easier for our residents.

As I make my rounds traveling !his great fraternity and visiting with many of you, we
cannot forget our commitment to be the financial underpinning behind many of our fraternity's
improvement projects. During these visits I will encourage all Moose Legionnaires to dig deep
and provide the funds for both projects. Please make checks payable to Moose Charities
earmarked for the M L President's Project and the M L Centennial Project.

On behalf of our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven, thank you for
being a proud Moose. Legionnaire.

Fraternally yours,
Walter Zurowski
International Moose Legion President
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