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Wednesday, August 26, 2015
August Message from Lonnie Mudgett
Congratulations to Moose Legion Ritual Staffs competing in 2015 at Nashville.

First Place: South Florida Moose Legion No. 46
Second Place: Volunteer Tennessee Moose Legion No. 12
Third Place: Tar Heel North Carolina Moose Legion No. 158

Photos and individual winners will be included on page 46 of the August/September Moose Magazine. The Grand Champion this year was Francis Schaeffer of Northwest Illinois No. 57. Be sure to check out the magazine.

Thank you to these 21 Moose Legions for having a team in the competition. However, we currently have 165 Moose Legion jurisdictions across North America and yet had only 21 competing? It makes me wonder what the other 144 Moose Legions are doing for their conferrals.

Granted some do have teams that do the local conferrals but do not compete and others put together a team of members willing to read the parts. (Hopefully even the readers are practicing so they can read well – impressively as possible.) I also realize that there are costs involved in a team coming to competition.

But this is still a concern as to how we are enrolling and educating new members about our fraternity and our degree. Without some proper orientation program (truly that is what the conferral is) our members do not fully understand what we are about and what we represent. Properly conducting that conferral is important to both retention of the members we already have as well as future production of new members!

Do you remember the cheer Artie Shaw led?

Hey Hey ain’t it great – to be a Moose Legionnaire?
What kind of Moose Legionnaire?

Have we lost something? Maybe some of our pride has slid a little? Those Moose Legion units with teams are showing their pride not only by doing conferrals but by having a team in competition. Most of all think about how proud your Moose Legion can become by having a team that can do the parts of the conferral from memory. It adds to the impressiveness and helps bring members back again and again.

Yes, entering in competition is a bit of an ego thing, but so is pride and to have a team in competition your Moose Legion should be proud. It also helps hone your skills to be the best you can be in Building Our Foundation! Yes, when our members better understand our purpose and our goals of helping others, they become more prideful and involved.

Yes, it takes a special dedication of the team members to learn their parts and to raise money to attend competition. As a Moose Legion every Lodge in your jurisdiction should make an effort to help support a team. Special social programs and functions (aka fundraisers) can be run throughout the year that will raise these funds.

That helps to send the team and builds membership through the additional activities for members. They can often be run even in between celebrations. The extra activities put on by the staff or the jurisdiction itself also build revenue in the Lodges that host them. Everyone wins.

Can we have 30 teams next year? We can if we work at it starting now. Do you know it is possible to have a judge come to you to coach some teams in your area? Contact Bob Neff for details of requesting a ritual school. If you don’t have a team but have a team near your area, I would hope they would come to your jurisdiction and perform a conferral or, better yet, help your team by coaching them. You have to ask them.

We say that: “MOOSE LEGIONNAIRES GET THINGS DONE. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.” Let us work together and prove that to be correct.

Lonnie Mudgett
Chairman, Judging Committee
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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